About Tal.ki Embeddable Forums

Tal.ki is second generation forum software, developed from the team behind Lefora.com.

What is Tal.ki?

Tal.ki is a service for creating and embedding a forum into an existing website. Forums grow faster on Tal.ki compared to traditional forum software thanks to it's simplicity for members to join by using their Facebook or Twitter logins.

About the Company

Tal.ki was started in November 2009 from the company that built the popular forum service, Lefora. Since 2007, the Lefora team had been powering forums across the web and is home to over 100,000 forums. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The trend for services on the web has been integration, both technically and socially. Tal.ki was developed to answer the needs of companies who already have a website and want to leverage the community using their service or product. Rather then have people create 'yet another profile' on a forum or message board, Tal.ki is directly integrated with the social networks people belong to, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Google, to a dozen other services. When a company already has a membership system in place, Tal.ki can seamlessly integrate into the existing system, so members do not need to create new accounts nor new profiles, this is referred to as Single Sign-On (SSO).

Another advantage of Tal.ki is that it can be embedded onto multiple websites. So if a company has a main website and a fan page on another service, the exact same Tal.ki forums can be embedded into both, allowing for a conversation across sites and across walls.

Embedding Tal.ki forums is as simple as copying and pasting one line of code, but we also have a number of plugins & Widgets that allow for one click installs on your favorite providers, from Google Sites to Wordpress. Check our our Partners to see where customers are exclusively using Tal.ki as their forum of choice.