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Plugins let you integrate your Talki forum with third party products such as Blogger or Wordpress


How to Embed a Forum into Blogger Instructions for installing Talki embeddable forums on your Blogger (blogspot.com) blogging site.

Step 1 - Create a new page


Create a new page by first clicking 'New Post' in your Dashboard. Then click 'Edit Pages' on the top sub-menu to create a new page

Step 2 - Embed the Talki code into your page



First, head to Talki:

Head to http://talkiforum.com/ to get your forum code We suggest the 'Pro' plan for most installs. Copy the html/javascript code to your clipboard Then, return to Blogger:

Gave the page a title, such as "Forums" this is what your readers will see in a link to the forum. Click the 'Edit HTML' tab so that you can paste in the html/javascript you get from http://talkiforum.com/ Click 'Publish Page' Choose where you would like to link to your forum, from the sidebar or the or Blog Tabs. We recommend Blog Tabs. Click 'Save & Publish'

Step 3 - You're done


Click 'View page' to be taken to your page, or just visit your website after it's published and you'll see a link to your forum.